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Are you a recipient of european research funding? Do you know if you are compliant with your funding commission? Under the Horizon 2020 regulations, there is a mandate on open access to publications. Our mission is to support research fund recipients in certifying that they’re published in open access.  

What is it?

The H2020 Open Access Compliance note is the best way to make sure that your research paper abides article 29 of the European Grant Agreement. It includes a validation report, compliance note and an evidence file of the paper. When compliance is called into question the granted certificate can be used as proof of conformity.

Why do I need it?

You risk both grant reimbursement and exclusion from future funding if your work is not compliant with your funder's open access requirements. Punishment may involve paying back up to 25% of the received grant or being excluded from future funding.

How does it work?

The compliance tool will validate based on the details of the grant agreement if the publication is meeting the requirements of article 29 of the European Grant Agreement. After the validation process the applicant will receive a validation report of the findings and the research will be published in our open access library to ensure that it will remain compliant.

The Process

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