You are guaranteed an evidence file and a validation report which is created by human and automated interaction. However you will only receive a compliance not when you are 100% compliant with article 29 of your Grant Agreement. 

The process can take up to 5 working days. 

If you are compliant with article 29, you will receive your certificate through email. An online version will also be available on our oalibrary (oalibrary.org) 

If you are not compliant, no need to worry, we do have a second service available that will guarantee your compliance. This extended service will cost an additional €250,-. There will be an appropriate link provided in the validation report which you will receive by email.  

You can use this certificate as evidence when the European committee impeaches your research paper.

You can cancel your request per email (admin@getH2020compliant.org) until your request has been processed (approximately 30 minutes).  

Payment will be accepted by Ideal, Credit Card or Paypal. 

The validation process costs €100,-. This includes the compliance note, the validation report, an evidence file, and the guarentee that your article will remain open access for the coming 50 years. 

Your paper will be published in our open access library.